Q.1 what is online tutoring?

A.1 It’s a revolution in education. With online tutoring, students can learn and tutors can teach sitting at their home, their time and at their convenient online.

Q.2How Does Tutor Embassy Work?

A.2 Tutor Embassy operates in a very simple way. Anytime you as a student need help with your homework, no matter what you're studying, you can connect to a professional online tutor. Your tutor will help you work through your homework problems, step by step, until you're finished with your assignment.

Q.3 how can I join Tutor Embassy?

A.3 Joining at Tutor Embassy is very simple. Just visit https://tutorembassy.com, click on Join Tutor, and then click on register, fill our register form and once you receive the Id and the password you can login into your account of Tutor Embassy.

Q.4 what qualifications I need to become a tutor?

A.4 Although we prefer MBA or PhD but very first thing if you want to be a tutor at Tutor Embassy you should pass out our online exam and qualify that test. Once you have cleared this exam you will be interviewed by our centre co-coordinator.

Q.5 Can I take a look at packages before registering?

A.5 Yes of course you can have a look at packages before registering.

Q.6 what are the working hours at Tutor Embassy?

A.6 We are available 24/7 online.

Q.7 Are the tutors qualified?

A.7 Yes our tutors are graduates, MBAs & PhDs in their fields. They are real experts.

Q.8 Will my tutor help me in completing my homework?

A.8 No. Tutor Embassy will not help you to complete homework like other online tutoring schools because this hinders the growth of student. Your tutor will guide you to complete your homework and make you perfect in your subjects.

Q.9 What if I am not happy with my Tutor?

A.9 Although all our tutors are expert in their field and they are very polite but still if you are not happy with any of our Tutor you can ask for change any time.

Q.10 Can I connect with the same Tutor again and again?

A.10 Yes you can. We all have our likes and dislikes. So you can connect with your favorite tutor again and again without any restrictions.

Q.11Do I need to pay huge fees even if I have few questions?

A.11No. We has different packages and you can opt for Instant Session package for $8 only if you have only few queries to solve.

Q.12 Can parents discuss about their child’s progress with a student coordinator?

A.12 Yes we provide a facility for the parents to discuss with the student coordinator online.

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