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Educational Revolution - Online Tutoring

In Online tutoring students can take tuitions at their own convenience sitting right in front of their PC with headphones and internet at their hand. Hence, they get more time to spend on other activities which allows their mind to develop very fast.

There is more than one reason for increasing popularity of online tutoring. Let’s have a look at the few by comparing online tutoring with traditional tutoring:

Pressure v/s Freedom

Education should challenge the creativity of a child, and not make it stagnant. The reason to state this 'obvious fact' is that most educational institutions have literally put creativity on the backseat. Research and statistics shout out loud the ill-effects of standardized tests in traditional schools.

Children in high school feel pressurized as they have to demonstrate their academic skills along with their SAT scores to get admission in colleges and universities. Availability of hundreds of test prep books makes it difficult for a student to decide which the right one is.

On the other hand, online tutoring allows students freedom to do the study or complete their homework when they are in good mood and with fresh mind, they can make rapid progress

Rigidity v/s Flexibility

We all know human nature. No two individuals can be the same and that’s where online tutoring scores over traditional tutoring. An online tutor would not teach the exact same concept in the exact same way to different students.

In fact, one of the greatest advantages of online tutoring lies in the fact that it DOES NOT follow the 'one-size-fits-all' concept, as in the case of most K-12 schools. With an online tutor, your child can learn while sitting at home.

Apart from the above comparison, cost is an important factor; It should never come in way of your child' education. So if you want quality education for your child at the right cost, you can opt for online tutoring.

Online tutoring offers you a variety of options to choose from- homework help, assignment help, and test preparation, apart from subject tutoring. Web-based tutoring services give you the FLEXIBILITY and POWER to educate your child the way you like- you do not have to be slave to educational programs developed for political benefits.

We at Tutor Embassy, provides quality education at very affordable packages.

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